5 tips para el Cuidado de la piel - Summe Cosmetics

5 tips for skin care - Summe Cosmetics

5 tips para el Cuidado de la piel - Summe Cosmetics

Skin care is an increasingly trend in the world of beauty. Thanks to social networks, dermatologists, makeup artists, cosmetologists and cosmiatricians around the world have built platforms that allow them to educate about skin care routines. It is not for less, but here I share some reasons and recommendations to have a healthy skin.

Why is caring for your skin important?

The skin is the largest organ that the human body has and being in contact with the outside world, it must be protected with appropriate treatments.

How to take care of the skin?

The most common steps in skin care are: Cleanses, exfoliates, hydrates, and protects. But before giving you the best tips for skin care, it is important to know that there are different types of skin and recognizing them will benefit you when buying your care products.

  1. Know your skin type
  • Mixed skin
  • Oily skin
  • Dry Skin

     2.  Clean

Cleaning is the first step to taking care of your skin, doing so ensures that you remove the remains of grease and dirt from the environment. Ideally, you should use products that do not alter your pH.

    3.  Exfoliates

Exfoliating the skin helps to remove dead cells and give a touch of softness. Our skin regenerates naturally every 28 days, it is the perfect time to exfoliate it, make it look shiny and healthy. The summe Cosmetics scrub is ideal for achieving these results.

    4.  Hydrates

The skin must be cared for inside and out, although there are very good products to hydrate, they will not have much effect if you do not take action to do it internally.

To hydrate properly, it is necessary to drink at least 2 liters of water a day and combine it with products to hydrate your skin externally. Summe Cosmetics has a hydrating product that will leave your skin moisturized for longer.

    5.  Protects

It is no secret to anyone that the skin is exposed to thousands of factors that could damage it, one of the main ones is the sun, UV rays are harmful, so it is necessary to use products that fulfill the function of repelling the ultraviolet rays that damage the skin. appearance and health of our skin.

SummeSun sunscreen from sume cosmetics has SPF 50+, a high number of protection that your skin needs.

Routines for skin care

Taking care of the skin is a routine that must be followed every day, except for exfoliation. All steps are important for healthy, radiant skin.

Why use summe Cosmetics?

Summe Cosmetics is a professional cosmetic products marketer with extensive experience in the market. Its slogan "each skin is unique" has made it possible to develop products for the real needs of each consumer, who evaluate them as one of the best experiences for their skin.

My experience with Summe Cosmetics - Mela beauty

I started using Summe Cosmetics products when I was in school, she gave me a perioral dermatitis, I felt a lot of burning, sensitivity and irritation and there was nothing to heal it

My teacher told me at that time -Mela, use this, it is the cure for what you have- a 7-day skin repair treatment of Summe Cosmetics which is divided into two steps.

When I started to see results I was very satisfied because Summe Cosmetics skin repair cured my perioral dermatitis.
This is where my credibility and fascination with Summe Cosmetics products comes from.

These skin care products are not only skin repairers, they can also be used after a facial cleansing or plasma treatment, to help regenerate the skin after treatment.

What does summe Cosmetics concentrated serum work for?

Summe Cosmetics Concentrated Serum -The Cure- works for rosacea, (which cannot be cured but can be controlled) and this skin repair helps with this skin condition. It also works to treat mild or extreme dryness, dermatitis, and other skin conditions.


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