Kissable lips - Mela Beauty Course
It is a novel technique that seeks to implant a natural color in the lips in a painless way, to make them look natural. It is made with organic pigments and without Titanium Dioxide, its duration is 2 to 4...
Eyelash Keratin - Mela Beauty Course
The Eyelash Lifting consists of applying a keratin treatment to lift the eyelashes from the base to the tips. This famous ingredient (keratin), just like when it comes to hair care, strengthens while giving a semi-permanent shape to the hair...
Eyebrow Design and Hair Removal Online Course by Melanie Jovanovic
Do you want to design perfect eyebrows? The eyebrows are the frame of the face, a good eyebrow design can even give your clients a lifting effect, enlarge their eyes or highlight their look. Get the necessary techniques to harmonize...
$500.00 $150.00
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