Remove Mist
Prebiotic facial toning lotion with great rebalancing power. After the make-up removal and cleansing process, it restores the neutral pH of the skin and restores the optimal conditions of the hydrolipidic mantle. It restores balance in the skin's microbial ecosystem,...
Remover Milk - Prebiotic Facial Cleansing Milk
DESCRIPTION Prebiotic facial cleansing milk with great moisturizing power. It completely dissolves fat-soluble impurities, such as makeup and facial fat, without damaging the natural pH of the skin or the microbiota that acts as a protective barrier against daily oxidizing...
Remove Gel
Prebiotic facial cleansing gel with great detoxifying power. It deeply removes impurities and polluting particles that adhere to the skin daily, clogging its pores and causing suffocation. With a neutral pH, it preserves the skin microbiota intact, strengthening the immune...
Remove 3D Texture Cleanser
Facial cleansing balm formulated based on three textures that evolve in contact with water during the cleansing routine, starting as a geloid balm, melting into silky oil and emulsifying at the end in slippery milk. The skin is completely free...
$80.00 $69.61
Renewal Peel Pads
Cotton facial discs soaked in a mixture of mild exfoliating acids. Its continuous application causes a delicate, gradual and tolerable dermal micro-abrasion, respecting the hydrolipidic layer of the skin. They detach dead cells from the surface, improving texture, smoothing relief,...
$60.00 $43.33
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