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Eyebrow pencil - Mela beauty - Blonde
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Eyebrow pencil - Mela beauty - Blonde
Perfect brows start with the right pencil to help create that look of thick, bushy brows. Whether you are looking to make a solid first impression or just want to look your best for a night out with friends, you...
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Highlighter Pencil- Mela Beauty - Light
The Mela Beauty eyebrow highlighter pencil allows you to add shine to your makeup and show off healthy, clean skin in seconds. Show off an eye-popping look with Mela Beauty products. Why include a highlighter pencil in my makeup? By using the...
Brow tint - Ash
Brow tint - Ash
It is an ideal product to add volume and definition to your eyebrows. The Brow Tint Gel It works as a top coat after applying brow makeup or can also be applied alone to create a fuller brow in one...
Perfect eyebrows combo - Mela Beauty
The perfect combination of our 3 best-selling products to create the perfect brows.1. Mela Beauty eyebrow pencil:Deluxe brow pencil for lush, thick or precision brows, rotating brush for definition, available in blonde, chocolate or dark brown.Beautiful vitality and precision: Our...
$45.00 $38.00
Mascara-Mela Beauty
Lash Growth Mascara provides instant length and curvature to your lashes, plus ultra-defined volume with lash conditioners. Why should you buy the Lash Growth Mascara Mela Beauty? The Lash Growth Mascara contains Biotin and Keratin to strengthen and grow your...
Perfect glue
The perfect Mela Beauty glue It is the fastest and strongest of the different glue variants that we have available for our beautiful clients. Its use has shown effectiveness and resistance in the different tests carried out, with respect to...
Eyelash Shampoo - Mela Beauty
Eyelash shampoo is a beauty product that lengthens the life of your eyelash extensions by eliminating makeup residues, glue and other products. The Mela Beauty Eyelash Shampoo keeps your lashes clean, soft and supple.Why should you use eyelash shampoo? Just...
Brow Styling Gel
Extreme Hold Styling Wax - Raises and holds brows in place for a feathery effect. The formula holds hair in place without feeling stiff and offers long-lasting, polished results. It is an ideal product to tame unruly hair. Shape your...
Cream eyelash extension remover - Mela beauty
The eyelash extensions remover cream Mela Beauty rremove your lashes in a professional, painless and effective way. How does MelaBeauty Eyelash Cream Remover work? Dissolves eyelash glue effectively in less than 3 minutes, easy and safe to use.
Brow Pomade
Una fórmula cremosa, resistente al agua y que no reseca te permite rellenar, esculpir y definir las cejas con profundidad y dimensión de aspecto natural. Esta pomada para cejas resistente al agua es ideal para definir cejas perfectas que no...
$22.00 $17.60
Hair Growth Serum
What is MelaBeauty Growth Oil for? It works to nourish your lashes after lash keratin, also for hair and eyebrow growth, seeing results in just 2 weeks. How should MelaBeauty growth oil be applied? It should be applied every night...
Growth Therapy Combo
Hair Growth Serum + Magic Roller - Magic Roller  It works to nourish your lashes after lash KERATIN, also for hair and eyebrow growth, seeing results in just 2 weeks.  It should be applied every night and with the use...
$68.00 $50.00
Sombra de Cejas / Brow Powder
Un polvo compacto para cejas de dos tonos que se puede usar para crear el tono ideal para unas cejas naturalmente hermosas. Este dúo de polvos para cejas rellena suavemente las áreas escasas, da forma y define las cejas con...
$22.00 $17.60
Inked Brow Thread - Mela Beauty - White
An eyebrow artist needs the right tools to really show their talent and that's what we had in mind when designing our floss. Mapping the brows is not a simple task and using a pre-inked mapping chain is the best...
from $12.00
Inked Black Eyebrow Thread - Mela Beauty
Epilate the brows maintaining a natural style, with little pain and delay the growth process with the Mela Beauty brow floss. What are the advantages of threading?       Using Mela Beauty eyebrow floss is a 100% natural process, ideal for people...
Lash Mirror
Hecho de material ABS ligero tiene un diseño plegable y fácil de llevar. El espejo se puede girar libremente 270 grados, y puedes ajustar el espejo a cualquier ángulo que desees.  Es una herramienta esencial para la colocación de extensión...
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