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Mascara-Mela Beauty
Lash Growth Mascara provides instant length and curvature to your lashes, plus ultra-defined volume with lash conditioners. Why should you buy the Lash Growth Mascara Mela Beauty? The Lash Growth Mascara contains Biotin and Keratin to strengthen and grow your...
Perfect glue
The perfect Mela Beauty glue It is the fastest and strongest of the different glue variants that we have available for our beautiful clients. Its use has shown effectiveness and resistance in the different tests carried out, with respect to...
Eyelash Shampoo - Mela Beauty
Eyelash shampoo is a beauty product that lengthens the life of your eyelash extensions by eliminating makeup residues, glue and other products. The Mela Beauty Eyelash Shampoo keeps your lashes clean, soft and supple.Why should you use eyelash shampoo? Just...
Cream eyelash extension remover - Mela beauty
The eyelash extensions remover cream Mela Beauty rremove your lashes in a professional, painless and effective way. How does MelaBeauty Eyelash Cream Remover work? Dissolves eyelash glue effectively in less than 3 minutes, easy and safe to use.
Hair Growth Serum
What is MelaBeauty Growth Oil for? It works to nourish your lashes after lash keratin, also for hair and eyebrow growth, seeing results in just 2 weeks. How should MelaBeauty growth oil be applied? It should be applied every night...
Growth Therapy Combo
Hair Growth Serum + Magic Roller - Magic Roller  It works to nourish your lashes after lash KERATIN, also for hair and eyebrow growth, seeing results in just 2 weeks.  It should be applied every night and with the use...
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