Business Advice - Mela Beauty Course
How to start the business of your dreams, do not make mistakes in the attempt. From the hand of Melanie Jovanovic you will have all your doubts answered!
Sales Advice - Mela Beauty Course
The secret of melabeauty to reach franchise levels has not been at the tip of services, in the sales consultancies we explain why
Self-makeup - Mela Beauty Course
It consists of being able to put on makeup like a professional without help, this is obviously the result of a lot of practice and self-knowledge to know which styles and ways of applying make-up are the ones that work...
Bionano - Mela Beauty Course
It is the latest in innovation of mesotherapy techniques, it is the smallest needleof the market that allows a treatment without pain, without marks and without bruises. It is the technique indicated for the most delicate areas.This technique allows biorevitalization...
Teeth whitening - Mela Beauty Course
Teeth whitening is an aesthetic treatment performed mostly with natural products such as aloe vera. It is a procedure in high demand due to the speed of the results, its permanence and especially because it is painless. At Teeth Whitening...
Travel cosmetic bag - Mela Beauty
The Mela Beauty cosmetic holder It has a portable and lightweight design, with waterproof, shockproof, anti-wear, and spill-proof interiors. You can take your cosmetics anywhere. What are the advantages of the Mela Beauty cosmetic bag? The Mela Beauty Travel Cosmetic Bag,...
Sold Out
Hyaluronic Acid Lip Gloss - Mela Beauty
Mela Beauty lip gloss contains hyaluronic acid and collagen, both super hydrating natural ingredients, when in contact with your lips, their tips expand to provide deep hydration. Mela Beauty lip gloss with hyaluronic acid is designed to repair, hydrate and...
$30.00 $26.00
Angular brush - Mela Beauty
The Mela Beauty angle brush It is the perfect tool for lining, combing, filling and shaping the eyebrows. It can also be used to apply makeup such as shadows, powder, gel or cream on the eyebrows. How to use the...
Brow Experience- Eyebrow Design, Waxing and Henna
A good pair of eyebrows is the easiest way to perfect your features and achieve a flawless and harmonious look. On Mela Beauty Academy We know that eyebrow design is an ideal technique to enhance the beauty of your face,...
Brow Lamination - Mela Beauty Course
Eyebrow rolling is a semi-permanent eyebrow technique that consists of smoothing and fixing the eyebrows. It is perfect for those looking to add volume and mark the arch of their eyebrows, as it makes them look longer and more defined...
$800.00 from $300.00
Brow Pomade
Una fórmula cremosa, resistente al agua y que no reseca te permite rellenar, esculpir y definir las cejas con profundidad y dimensión de aspecto natural. Esta pomada para cejas resistente al agua es ideal para definir cejas perfectas que no...
$22.00 $17.60
Brow Styling Gel
Extreme Hold Styling Wax - Raises and holds brows in place for a feathery effect. The formula holds hair in place without feeling stiff and offers long-lasting, polished results. It is an ideal product to tame unruly hair. Shape your...
Brow tint - Ash
Brow tint - Ash
It is an ideal product to add volume and definition to your eyebrows. The Brow Tint Gel It works as a top coat after applying brow makeup or can also be applied alone to create a fuller brow in one...
Eyelash Shampoo - Mela Beauty
Eyelash shampoo is a beauty product that lengthens the life of your eyelash extensions by eliminating makeup residues, glue and other products. The Mela Beauty Eyelash Shampoo keeps your lashes clean, soft and supple.Why should you use eyelash shampoo? Just...
Perfect eyebrows combo - Mela Beauty
The perfect combination of our 3 best-selling products to create the perfect brows.1. Mela Beauty eyebrow pencil:Deluxe brow pencil for lush, thick or precision brows, rotating brush for definition, available in blonde, chocolate or dark brown.Beautiful vitality and precision: Our...
$45.00 $38.00
Combo Labios
Este combo incluye un Lip Booster Matte y un Delineador de labios para que crees los labios perfectos. Ahorrarás $$$ al comprar este bundle. LIP BOOSTER El labial mate de Mela Beauty cuenta con ácido hialurónico y colágeno, estos ingredientes...
$48.00 $38.00
Growth Therapy Combo
Hair Growth Serum + Magic Roller - Magic Roller  It works to nourish your lashes after lash KERATIN, also for hair and eyebrow growth, seeing results in just 2 weeks.  It should be applied every night and with the use...
$68.00 $50.00
El tinte hibrido es lo mas nuevo en cejas. Pigmenta el vello creando un look muy natural, este es ideal para usar de la mano del brow lamination.  El curso tiene una duración de 2 horas aproximadamente e incluye: manual,...
Eyebrow Design and Hair Removal Online Course by Melanie Jovanovic
Do you want to design perfect eyebrows? The eyebrows are the frame of the face, a good eyebrow design can even give your clients a lifting effect, enlarge their eyes or highlight their look. Get the necessary techniques to harmonize...
$500.00 $150.00
Delineador de Labios
Delineador de labios en distintos tonos, suaves y cremosos. Este delineador esta realizado con ingredientes hidratantes, que se aplica suavemente sin secar y son muy pigmentados manteniendo el color a lo largo del día. ¿Qué los hace diferentes? Nuestros lápices...
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