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Summe Cosmetics

Botox liquid serum gel - Summe Cosmetics

Botox liquid serum gel - Summe Cosmetics

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Summe Cosmetics Facial Treatment Serum has a gel texture. Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and redensify the skin, immediately reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Suitable for all skin types.

What are the functions of Summe Cosmetics liquid Botox serum gel?

Moisturizing, redensifying and anti-wrinkle.

What are the results promised by Summe Cosmetics Liquid Botox Serum Gel?

A hydrated, redensified and flexible skin.

How to use?
Apply the product to the entire face, neck and décolleté, massaging intensively using the recommended massage technique until completely absorbed (see ESSENTIAL PROFESSIONAL MASSAGE TECHNIQUE).
Do not rinse. Continue with the selected treatment.

• Tensioned
• Firming
• Brightness

STABILIZED VITAMIN C (SODIUM ASCORBYL PHOSPHATE): stimulates collagen synthesis, improving skin tone. Affects melanin synthesis, evens out and improves skin color.

ARGILEROXTM: a combination of peptides that reduces fine lines by modulating muscle contractions and limiting sensory signals when applied topically, simulating the effect of botulinum toxin.

Size: 200ML

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