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Summe Cosmetics

Body Scrub with Rhiolite - Summe Cosmetics

Body Scrub with Rhiolite - Summe Cosmetics

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The Summe Cosmetics body scrub has a gel texture that promotes optimal skin renewal, respecting its hydrolipidic layer. The abrasive particle, Perlite, encourages dermal activation, stimulating it and making it more receptive to any body treatment. Also indicated for the preparation of the skin for the first sun exposures.

What are the functions of the Summe Cosmetics body scrub?

Exfoliates and stimulates. 

What are the results that the Summe Cosmetics body scrub promises?

A soft and fine skin, totally renewed.


Rhiolite.- Low-density volcanic rock that was formed by magma from the volcanoes of Strombolia (a small Tyrrhenian island). Due to its great abrasive power, it produces a precise exfoliation, being the ideal mineral to regenerate the skin and smooth the epidermis while respecting the hydrolipidic layer.
Apricot seeds.- With exfoliating action, it cleanses the skin without irritating it.
Papayaslim.- Active with powerful lipolytic action, which provides softness, firmness and tone to the skin as well as a significant reduction in abdominal volume.

Size: 450ML

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