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Renewing vitamin C serum - Summe Cosmetics

Renewing vitamin C serum - Summe Cosmetics

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Serum based on A.H.A. and vitamin C. Intense renewing effect that provides a silkier and more velvety appearance to the skin, attenuating small wrinkles and expression lines. Slight lightening and illuminating effect on facial tone.


Glycolic Acid.- Obtained from sugar cane and green grapes, it produces a keratoplastic effect, dissolving the cement that holds the corneocytes together, causing an extraordinary renewal of the skin's surface, which manifests itself in a great improvement in the general topography of the skin. , and the consequent disappearance of small wrinkles and furrows of expression.

Lactic acid.- Formed from lactose, we find it in sour milk and yogurt. It has a high moisturizing power, being a basic component in the natural moisturizing factor of the skin.

Malic Acid.- Obtained from apples, preferably from the acidic or green classes, it has a proven accelerating power of skin metabolism.

Tartaric acid.- It is found in ripe grapes and old wines. Has a lightening effect on skin color.

Citric acid.- Extracted from citrus fruits (lime, grapefruit, bergamot, orange, mandarin), it provides a lightening effect on skin tone.

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