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Supercilium Golden Brown Henna-Blonde

Supercilium Golden Brown Henna-Blonde

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Henna is an organic product that is used for tinting eyebrows and hair. Its benefit is that this natural pigment colors the eyebrows and shadows the skin gently and without damaging it.

What is Henna for?
The use of henna goes beyond a simple color change, due to its high content of antioxidants and its remarkable antimicrobial quality, it provides vitamins and minerals, strengthening the eyebrows and / or hair.

How long does henna last on the eyebrows?
Applied correctly, henna can last approximately 2-6 weeks on the skin.

Is it better to use Henna or dye?
Eyebrow tints last approximately 4 weeks. In the case of henna, it lasts longer, since it will not only dye the hair but also the skin.

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