Brochas - Mela Beauty
Flat definer brush - Mela Beauty
The flat definer brush Mela Beauty is a flat, square brow brush with firm synthetic fibers, ideal for defining brows and blending highlighter or concealer for a smooth look. How to use the Flat Definer Brush Mela Beauty? Use the...
Angular brush - Mela Beauty
The Mela Beauty angle brush It is the perfect tool for lining, combing, filling and shaping the eyebrows. It can also be used to apply makeup such as shadows, powder, gel or cream on the eyebrows. How to use the...
Brush organizer - Mela beauty
The Mela Beauty brush organizer It is the perfect tool to store and organize your makeup tools: makeup brushes and cosmetics of different sizes, including lipsticks, swabs and nail polishes. Why have a brush organizer? The Mela Beauty Brush Organizer...
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