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Growth Therapy Combo

Growth Therapy Combo

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Hair Growth Serum + Magic Roller - Magic Roller 

It works to nourish your lashes after lash KERATIN, also for hair and eyebrow growth, seeing results in just 2 weeks. 

It should be applied every night and with the use of the magic roller you will see greater results, as it maximizes the absorption of the product, allowing a better penetration, while rapidly stimulating the root follicle. 


Magic Roller: Take your skincare routine to the next level with this face derma roller, our micro needle face roller is here to help you achieve naturally beautiful skin and thicker brows.

Eyelash oil: enjoy once again having young, healthy, beautiful and thick hair. Say goodbye to your hair falling out terribly, tangled and thinning. Say hello to thicker brows and lashes.

Only the best combination of hair growth oils, hand selected and cold pressed to preserve triple refined botanical actives, will deliver great results, designed to the highest quality grade.


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