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Summe Cosmetics

Anti-aging eye contour - Summe Cosmetics

Anti-aging eye contour - Summe Cosmetics

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The eye contour is a formula specialized in diminishing and concealing the expression lines in the eye area. The causes of these expression lines are varied: lack of sleep, heredity, stress, worries. The eye contour helps reduce puffiness, pigmentation of dark circles and significantly reduce their appearance.

When to apply the eye contour?
Summe Cosmetics eye contour should be used every day in the skincare routine, in the morning and in the evening, after having properly cleansed the face. Ideal to accompany it with eye contour massagers, these facial care tools will help you to stimulate the area and contribute to a better absorption of the eye contour.

How should the eye contour cream be applied?
Summe Cosmetics anti-aging eye contour is applied with your fingers, you must take a small amount, rub it in with your fingers and apply carefully to the eye area.

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