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Fibroblast - Mela Beauty Course

Fibroblast - Mela Beauty Course

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Fibroblast is positioned as the only cosmetic treatment that resorts to the use of plasma to reduce the volume of excess skin. It is known for its success with non-surgical eye lifts, as well as in correcting very pronounced skin tightening in areas such as the abdomen or neck.

The result obtained with this procedure is a notable reduction in excess redundant skin in the treated area. The course of Fibroblast at Mela Beauty Academy, will help you understand how the fourth state of matter is used to make a lifting effect on the skin, you will learn all the protocols to attend to different conditions such as: wrinkles, stretch marks, flaccidity, scars, as well as warts and milia.

It includes:

  • Theory.
  • Practice.
  • Handbook.
  • Certificate.
  • All the materials and tools to use.

If you want to delve into both theoretical and practical aspects for the application of this treatment that has revolutionized facial aesthetics, contact us and receive more information about the Fibroblast Course at Mela Beauty Academy.

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