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Eyebrow pencil - Mela beauty

Eyebrow pencil - Mela beauty

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Perfect brows start with the right pencil to help create that look of thick, bushy brows.

Whether you are looking to make a solid first impression or just want to look your best for a night out with friends, you should highlight your eyebrows, so that they frame your face and highlight your eyes, having a striking look will boost your confidence.

That is why we want to help you look your best with an eyebrow pencil. Melanie Jovanic BeautyStudio premium designed especially for the modern woman. 

What are the variants of the eyebrow pencil?

Available in three different color options to suit your individual look. We offer you blond for blonde or light brown hair with cool / ash undertones, chocolate for light to medium brown hair with warm undertones and dark brown for dark to black hair with cool / ash undertones. Three tones that adapt to your characteristics, you will impact everyone.

What are the characteristics of the eyebrow pencil?

* Deluxe brow pencil for lush, thick or precision brows, rotary brush for definition, available in blonde, chocolate or dark brown.

* Beautiful vitality and precision- Our fine brow pencils make it easy to create fuller, thicker, or more noticeable definition, making them the ideal choice for going out, going to work, or just looking your best.

Smart double-ended design- Each pencil features a drawing end to apply the liner to the brows and a thick brush to help create a more natural look. And it's small enough to carry in your bag for quick touch-ups.

* Durable and waterproof finishMade with premium ingredients, our eyebrow pencils offer long-lasting durability, you can use them all day long, as it is resistant to sweat and moisture to ensure that it remains stain if you exercise or keep on the go.


Get the brow pencil of your shade and you will be able to give your brows the professional finish to create the perfect look.

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