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Summe Cosmetics

Dry skin moisturizer - Summe Cosmetics

Dry skin moisturizer - Summe Cosmetics

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The facial moisturizer is intended for a young audience to preserve the dermal quality of their skin for a longer time. Its moisturizing formula stimulates and restores the skin's self-hydration mechanisms, restoring the natural lipid barrier. Ideal for dry and sensitive skin due to its extra nutritional contribution, which offers greater protection. 

What are the functions of Summe Cosmetics Dry Skin Moisturizer?

Moisturizing, nourishing, restorative and protective.

What are the results promised by Summe Cosmetics Dry Skin Moisturizer?

A hydrated, fresh and flexible skin, with an extra comfort.


Liposomal Glacier Water: Harvested at 1800 m guarantees its purity and freshness. Encapsulation in liposomes increases its penetration into the skin, causing deep and long-lasting hydration.
Hyaluronic acid (high molecular weight, and low molecular weight): Restores optimal levels of hydration and provides a protective and moisturizing film on the stratum corneum.
Ceramides: Restores the skin's natural lipid barrier, preventing dehydration.
Cupuaçu butter: High hydrating and nourishing power from the Amazon.
Nab Siberian Ginseng: Complex of polysaccharides and glycoproteins that tighten and smooth the skin.

Size: 50ML

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