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Glue Wipes - Mela Beauty

Glue Wipes - Mela Beauty

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Las Glue Wipes Mela Beauty They are specially formulated without alcohol to remove excess glue and avoid product waste.

Why use Mela Beauty Glue Wipes?

It is used to glue the edges of your glue, they do not leave residue, they will allow you to forget about the problem of rapid thickening of the glue for eyelash extensions. Thanks to the use of these fantastic glue wipes, the edge of the glue is kept clean, so the product will maintain its properties as long as possible.

Why use Mela Beauty glue wipes?

The glue wipes are the perfect cleaner for the edges of the glue of eyelash extensions, using these wipes will allow you to converge the product for a longer time.

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