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Highlighter Pencil- Mela Beauty

Highlighter Pencil- Mela Beauty

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The Mela Beauty eyebrow highlighter pencil allows you to add shine to your makeup and show off healthy, clean skin in seconds. Show off an eye-popping look with Mela Beauty products.

Why include a highlighter pencil in my makeup?

By using the Mela Beauty eyebrow highlighter pencil, you not only lighten the eyebrow contour, but you will also bring out the color of your eyes, giving it a beautiful shine to Your look.

Use a highlighter pencil for perfect makeup on your brows, hide blemishes and much more. Mela Beauty Highlighter Pencil was primarily designed to be used under the brows to create beautiful, defined and clean brows.

What are the benefits of Mela Beauty Highlighter Pen?

* Waterproof.
* Sharpener included.
* Without chemicals or aggressive colorants.
* Designed for sensitive skin and ophthalmologically tested.

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