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Inked Brow Thread - Mela Beauty

Inked Brow Thread - Mela Beauty

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An eyebrow artist needs the right tools to really show their talent and that's what we had in mind when designing our floss. Mapping the brows is not a simple task and using a pre-inked mapping chain is the best way to ensure symmetrical brows at all times.

MelaBeauty Inked Brow Thread is a floss with ink to design and measure eyebrows.

Pluck the eyebrows maintaining a natural style, with little pain and delays the growth process with the Mela Beauty eyebrow thread.

What are the advantages of threading?

Using Mela Beauty eyebrow floss is a 100% natural process, ideal for people with sensitive skin. It is a technique that manages to maintain a very delicate and precise design of the eyebrows. What's more, Mela Beauty brow floss removes dead skin cells and smooths wrinkles.

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