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Eyelash Shampoo - Mela Beauty

Eyelash Shampoo - Mela Beauty

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Eyelash shampoo is a beauty product that lengthens the life of your eyelash extensions by eliminating makeup residues, glue and other products. The Mela Beauty Eyelash Shampoo keeps your lashes clean, soft and supple.

Why should you use eyelash shampoo?
Just as there is makeup for your eyelashes, the ideal is to have a special product that cleanses your eyelashes of residues and makeup. In addition, the eyelash shampoo extends the life of the adhesive and ensures that they do not peel off so quickly.
Eyelashes are a repository for bacteria. Mascara, dust, lint and oil produced by the skin cause dirt to accumulate and become an attractive area for mites. Also, when you use eyelash extensions it is more difficult to clean them as easily as you would clean your natural eyelashes. That is why it is necessary to use eyelash shampoo during washing.

How to remove makeup build-up from my eyelashes?
This Mela Beauty lash shampoo is the perfect gentle solution for removing oil, dirt, and makeup build-up from your lashes. Essential for maintaining healthy eyelashes and lids and for increasing the life of eyelash extensions.

How to use an eyelash shampoo?
Mela Beauty lash shampoo is for daily use around the eye area.

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