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Summe Cosmetics

Pocket Balance Grain Burner - Summe Cosmetics

Pocket Balance Grain Burner - Summe Cosmetics

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Forget about pimples and annoying blackheads on your face with the Summe-Cosmetics pimple burner, ideal for drying pimples and any accumulation of oil on your skin quickly and effectively.

Impurities Corrector Face Gel: when applied locally, it makes the stain dry faster, avoiding infection. Antibacterial properties.
Contains ingredients that normalize the production of oil for the skin. Soothing action on redness. Safe solution to the annoyance of spots that sometimes appear.

How to use the Summe Cosmetics grain burner?
Summe Cosmetics pimple burner is a safe solution to the annoyance of pimples that sometimes appear on the face.

What are the ingredients of summe cosmetics grain burner?

Cytobiol Iris A2: mixture of three active ingredients in synergy that fight the functional and physical signs of acne, both the most common form in adolescents (with hormonal causes) and the adult form (due to lifestyle and environment). Purifies the skin and reduces shine and visible pores. Fight dark spots and blemishes. Helps prevent breakouts. Unique blend in synergy with white lily rhizome extract (anti-inflammatory and astringent), vitamin A (sebum regulator and skin regenerator) and zinc salt (antibacterial and sebum regulator).

Zinc Sulfate: Zinc is well known for its inhibitory action on 5? -Reductase. The antiseptic activity of zinc also allows it to limit colonization by bacteria.

Tea tree oil: antifungal, antiseptic, antibiotic, antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, expectorant, immunostimulating, insecticidal and fungicidal.

Chlorhexidine: disinfectant substance with bactericidal and fungicidal action. The antimicrobial effect of chlorhexidine gluconate is caused by the breakdown of the microbial cell wall.

Camphor: Regulates excess sebaceous secretion.

Size: 30ML

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