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Summe Cosmetics

Sunscreen - SummeSUN SPF50 + CC CREAM

Sunscreen - SummeSUN SPF50 + CC CREAM

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Summe Cosmetics sunscreen is formulated with a synergistic mixture of plant extracts especially indicated for the treatment of sensitive skin.

Combination of physical and chemical filters that help prevent skin damage caused by solar radiation.

Why use summesun oily skin sunscreen?

Summesun oily skin sunscreen is able to hydrate and protect your skin from exposure to the sun and heat.

 How to use summesun SPF50 + sunscreen?

You only need to apply the product evenly and generously on clean and dry skin, approximately 20-30 minutes before sun exposure, massaging gently until the summesun sunscreen has been completely absorbed.

How often should I apply summesun SPF50 + sunscreen?

Summesun SPF50 + sunscreen should be applied every two hours to keep your skin protected and hydrated, try to touch up especially after perspiring, swimming or drying.

Is summesun SPF50 + sunscreen ideal for your skincare routine?

Yes, summesun SPF50 + sunscreen is ideal for your skincare routine, especially for oily skin, giving a matte look to your skin, protecting and hydrating at the same time.


Summesun SPF50 + provides your skin with protection against UV radiation, its anti-sun barrier function is an extra protection of texture, light and without superficial residues.

Size: 50ML

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