Pocket Balance Grain Burner - Summe Cosmetics
Forget about pimples and annoying blackheads on your face with the Summe-Cosmetics pimple burner, ideal for drying pimples and any accumulation of oil on your skin quickly and effectively.Impurities Corrector Face Gel: when applied locally, it makes the stain dry...
$48.00 $32.24
Balance cleansing mousse - Summe Cosmetics
Facial cleansers are products to eliminate the accumulation of residues on the skin, essential in your daily facial care routine. The balance Summe Cosmetics cleansing mousse will leave your skin free of oil, makeup build-up and day-to-day dust. What is...
$45.00 $44.45
Toner for combination skin - Summe Cosmetics
Summe Cosmetics toner for combination skin is a fundamental skin care treatment, as it helps to restore the pH of the face. Characteristics: • refreshing• Balance• rejuvenating When should I use a skin toner? After easy cleaning, before using creams...
$35.00 $28.23
Gel regulating serum - Summe Cosmetics
Summe Cosmetics Serum Gel is responsible for normalizing and regulating the production of sebum on the face. The synergistic combination of its ingredients together with tea tree oil encapsulated in cyclodextrins, produces a healing, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antiseborrheic action, acting...
$120.00 $93.00
Hydrant for combination / oily or acne skin - Summe Cosmetics
Summe Cosmetics moisturizing cream for combination / oily skin or with acne has the ability to provide water, vitamins and mineral salts to your skin cells making it look smoother and brighter.  What does Summe Cosmetics moisturizer work for? Summe...
$56.00 $51.72
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