Eyebrow pencil - Mela beauty - Blonde
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Eyebrow pencil - Mela beauty - Blonde
Perfect brows start with the right pencil to help create that look of thick, bushy brows. Whether you are looking to make a solid first impression or just want to look your best for a night out with friends, you...
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Matte Lipstick with Hyaluronic Acid - Mela Beauty - Steph
Mela Beauty's matte lipstick has hyaluronic acid and collagen, these natural ingredients are super hydrating; when in contact with your lips, its tips instantly expand to provide deep hydration. Does a matte lipstick dry out my lips?Mela Beauty matte lipstick...
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Stain Eraser - Summe Cosmetics
Beclarity is a line from the Summe Cosmetics brand created especially for skin with hyperpigmentation and irregular tones. Summe Cosmetics Spot Stain Eraser is a concentrate to apply directly to spot spots.Why use the Summe Cosmetics Spot Stain Eraser? The...
$55.00 $32.99
Hyaluronic acid Serum gel - Summe Cosmetics
Hyaluronic acid is a glycosaminoglycan (type of sugar) that acts on our skin, ensuring its stability to keep it protected and constantly renewed. What are the benefits of using hyaluronic acid?    The hyaluronic acid serum gel from Summe Cosmetics maintains...
$120.00 $106.00
Magic Sponge - Mela Beauty
The magic sponge Mela Beauty It is a soft make-up sponge in an ovoid or drop shape, the latter helps it to fit even in the most difficult areas of the face. Why use a magic sponge? The use of...
Botox liquid serum gel - Summe Cosmetics
Summe Cosmetics Facial Treatment Serum has a gel texture. Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and redensify the skin, immediately reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Suitable for all skin types. What are the functions of Summe Cosmetics liquid Botox serum...
$120.00 $94.00
Highlighter Pencil- Mela Beauty - Light
The Mela Beauty eyebrow highlighter pencil allows you to add shine to your makeup and show off healthy, clean skin in seconds. Show off an eye-popping look with Mela Beauty products. Why include a highlighter pencil in my makeup? By using the...
Blemish Whitening Serum - Summe Cosmetics
Summe Cosmetics blemish whitening serum is a depigmenting facial liquid that acts in depth on the different causes of hyperpigmentation. Corrects the production of melanin, reducing the appearance of dark spots and areas. Contains: Nicotinamide: It unifies the skin tone, eliminating...
$76.00 $71.29
Pocket Balance Grain Burner - Summe Cosmetics
Forget about pimples and annoying blackheads on your face with the Summe-Cosmetics pimple burner, ideal for drying pimples and any accumulation of oil on your skin quickly and effectively.Impurities Corrector Face Gel: when applied locally, it makes the stain dry...
$48.00 $32.24
Brow tint - Ash
Brow tint - Ash
It is an ideal product to add volume and definition to your eyebrows. The Brow Tint Gel It works as a top coat after applying brow makeup or can also be applied alone to create a fuller brow in one...
Clarifying cleanser - Summe Cosmetics
Summe Cosmetics lightening cleanser is a facial cleansing emulsion with lightening action. It favors the dragging of makeup and accumulated impurities on the surface of the skin; it also unifies the tone of the face, homogenizing its appearance, and attenuates...
$42.00 $33.41
BECLARITY - Depigmenting Moisturizing Cream SPF50
Summe Cosmetics depigmenting moisturizing cream has the ability to provide water to cells, in addition to reducing the color and size of blemishes on the skin thanks to its active ingredients. What is the Summe Cosmetics depigmenting moisturizer for? Summe...
$85.00 $81.63
Perfect eyebrows combo - Mela Beauty
The perfect combination of our 3 best-selling products to create the perfect brows.1. Mela Beauty eyebrow pencil:Deluxe brow pencil for lush, thick or precision brows, rotating brush for definition, available in blonde, chocolate or dark brown.Beautiful vitality and precision: Our...
$45.00 $38.00
Mascara-Mela Beauty
Lash Growth Mascara provides instant length and curvature to your lashes, plus ultra-defined volume with lash conditioners. Why should you buy the Lash Growth Mascara Mela Beauty? The Lash Growth Mascara contains Biotin and Keratin to strengthen and grow your...
Balance cleansing mousse - Summe Cosmetics
Facial cleansers are products to eliminate the accumulation of residues on the skin, essential in your daily facial care routine. The balance Summe Cosmetics cleansing mousse will leave your skin free of oil, makeup build-up and day-to-day dust. What is...
$45.00 $44.45
Sunscreen - SummeSUN SPF50 + CC CREAM
Summe Cosmetics sunscreen is formulated with a synergistic mixture of plant extracts especially indicated for the treatment of sensitive skin. Combination of physical and chemical filters that help prevent skin damage caused by solar radiation. Why use summesun oily skin...
$65.00 $48.87
Toner for combination skin - Summe Cosmetics
Summe Cosmetics toner for combination skin is a fundamental skin care treatment, as it helps to restore the pH of the face. Characteristics: • refreshing• Balance• rejuvenating When should I use a skin toner? After easy cleaning, before using creams...
$35.00 $28.23
Flat definer brush - Mela Beauty
The flat definer brush Mela Beauty is a flat, square brow brush with firm synthetic fibers, ideal for defining brows and blending highlighter or concealer for a smooth look. How to use the Flat Definer Brush Mela Beauty? Use the...
Gel regulating serum - Summe Cosmetics
Summe Cosmetics Serum Gel is responsible for normalizing and regulating the production of sebum on the face. The synergistic combination of its ingredients together with tea tree oil encapsulated in cyclodextrins, produces a healing, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antiseborrheic action, acting...
$120.00 $93.00
Cleansing mousse with Vitamin C - Summe Cosmetics
Facial cleansers are products to eliminate the accumulation of residues on the skin, essential in your daily facial care routine. The balance Summe Cosmetics cleansing mousse will leave your skin free of oil, makeup build-up and day-to-day dust. What is...
$62.00 $45.15
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